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Creamy Wild Mushroom Risotto

Creamy Wild Mushroom Risotto

Well you know I'm feeling better when I feel like cooking again! YAY!!!!  Unfortunately my jaw is still a bit sore from this awful bout of Shingles. So I figured what better way to ease myself back into eating solid food again than a nice creamy bowl of Risotto. This is on regular dinner rotation in our house...once you try it I'm sure it will be a favourite with your family too. My recipe is slightly different than most because it calls for a mix of water and stock. I do this because most people don't make their own stock these days and I find commercially prepared stock quite salty once its reduced, so this is my surefire way to get perfect risotto every time! Simply adjust the seasoning at the end after you've added the cheese.


This takes about 25 to 30 minutes to cook and should be served immediately.

3-4c             wild mushrooms (if using dried soak in boiling water first)

4tbsp          butter (vegan option-earth balance)

2tbsp          olive oil

1c               white wine or vermouth

1                 shallot (diced) 

2c              arborio or canaroli rice

4c             chicken or mushroom stock

2c             water (or liquid from soaking dried mushrooms)

1 tsp         fresh thyme leaves

handful    parsley (chopped)

 Grated Parmesan or Asiago to taste (optional)

 salt and pepper to taste

Slice your mushrooms and sauté them with the shallot in the olive oil and half of the butter over a medium heat in a large heavy bottomed pot. Once the shallots are fragrant and translucent add the wine or vermouth.

While the mushrooms are sautéing bring your stock and water to a boil in a separate pot. Once boiling turn to low and keep stock hot during the entire cooking process.

Toss the arborio rice into the pot with the mushrooms and shallot and give it a stir until the rice becomes slightly translucent. Keep the heat at medium-low.

Now simply ladle in some of the stock, and allow the rice to simmer until it has absorbed all the liquid, stirring regularly. Lots of stirring will help the risotto to become rich and creamy.

Continue adding stock a few ladles at a time, allowing the rice to fully absorb the liquid before adding any more. Be sure to stir every few minutes.

Once you've used all your stock, give the risotto a taste to make sure the rice is tender.  If its not you can add a bit of boing water the same way you did with the stock and continue cooking until tender. Once tender, stir in the rest of the butter, the cheese and the parsley and thyme.

Season with salt and pepper to taste and serve immediately 





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