Previous Media Experience


100 Mile Challenge TV Series - Airing Internationally

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Spring 2009


CBC Radio: On the Coast - Live in studio interviewed by Stephen Quinn  

March 20, 2009   3:50pm to 4:15pm


Breakfast Television- Live in studio interviewed by Riaz         

March 20, 2009   7:00am- 8:30am


Urban Rush- Taped in studio interviewed by Michael Eckford and

Fiona Forbes         

March 20, 2009   1:15pm- 2:00pm


Global News at 6pm- Interviewed by Brian Coxford

April 2, 2009


France 3-  interviewed about the 100mile challenge for the show Faut Pas Rever.


Vancouver Province- Interviewed by Lynn Mitges

March 20, 2009