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Garlic Sesame Veggies

Garlic Sesame Veggies

This has to be my favourite healthy treat! I'm loving these so much I find myself making them regularly as a quick snack ...minus the pineapple bowl of course! The bowl sure makes an impressive presentation if you serve these as an appetizer though.

So this isn't really a recipe, it's more of a flavour combo so I'll just list the ingredients and you just use everything in amounts that suit your flavour preferences…unless you need the MYFITNESSPAL version. If you aren't one that likes hot chillies do try this anyway, the chilli sauce is really more flavourful than hot.

4 servings at 50 calories per serving

1 bag snap peas

1 red peppers (slivered)

1 can baby corn (drained)

For the dressing:

1tsp sesame oil

1tsp black sesame seeds

1tsp soy sauce

1tsp Chili garlic sauce

Toss everything together in a bowl. That's it you're done!!!! If you’d like to serve these as a side dish you can stir fry them or just warm them up in the microwave. ENJOY.

TIP- If you'd like to make a pineapple bowl simply cut a pineapple in half and carefully cut out the centre...easy peasy and oh so cute.

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