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Deck The Halls

Deck The Halls

I love the thought of Decking The Halls! What better way to make you want to snuggle in, watch Christmas movies and enjoy the home you've created for yourself and your family? 

My tree is filled with meaningful ornaments that have been collected over many years. My friends and I have never exchanged gifts for Christmas, we've always exchanged ornaments, so each time I hang one on the tree I think of them and all we've been through together. Another thing I've been doing for as long as I can remember is using white feathers as my garland. It makes the tree look snowy and beautiful and seems to help tie the mish-mosh of ornaments together. You can buy white feather garland at most party supply stores but I was lucky enough to find mine at the dollar store for a fraction of the price! 


I  bought this police car ornament many years ago for my husband while shopping with my best friend.  So needless to say, I think of them both when I  look at it. My best friend has since passed away and my husband retired unexpectedly from the police force for medical reasons. It's interesting how this ornament was just something cute when I bought it, but has come to symbolize so much more as the years go by.


I  absolutely love this black and white ornament! I have 5 of them and they are one of my most prized possessions...not because they have anything or anyone special attached to them lol. I just think they are spectacularly beautiful and very unusual. Not to mention the fact that they are black and white. Anyone that knows me well, knows I swoon for anything that's graphic black and white. 


I  brought these starfish back with me from Hawaii.  Every time I hang them I  think of my sweet husband. He planned the trip as a surprise for our anniversary when the kids were quite little. He thought of everything, including arranging for my brother and sister-in-law to look after the kids! How can I not smile when I look at them?


This ornament is very precious to best friend Marlene bought it for me because she knew I had always dreamt of going to Paris. Our plan was after I went with my husband we were going to go together.  She died from cancer 2 years after giving this to me. I finally did make it to Paris and when I  did I walked to the Love-Locks bridge wearing a pair of her boots and put a lock on the  bridge with her picture on it. Every time I see this ornament I'm overcome with emotion and I remember how special our friendship was. 


I've had these stockings for over 20 years! I clearly remember buying them at Starbucks of all places lol. I was newly married, young and broke. I saved up for them and when the day came that I had enough money to buy them they went on sale!!!!! Ever the planner, I decided rather than take my savings and run I should buy extra so we'd have matching ones when we decided to have kids or if we had guests stay for Christmas. Turns out that was a wise choice and we are still using them to this day...even our dog has a matching stocking lol. 


My Christmas cup fetish was started by my grandpa. When I was a little girl I always remember drinking out of the Santa cup my grandpa gave me. While this is not the original, it still makes me think of him every time I use it. 


I  bought this after my first daughter was born 18 years ago and we've been using it ever since.

So as you can see Christmas decorations aren't just pretty little things I dot throughout my house for the holidays, they are my past, present and my future. 

Merry Christmas everyone I hope the season is filled with the warmth and joy we all so crave at this time of year. XOX

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