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Sushi...kind of

Sushi...kind of

In the mood for sushi, but maybe you don't want to spend money eating out? Or perhaps you don't like all the mess when making it yourself? Well I have the best recipe ever!!!!

 I started making this at home when we used to have Korean home-stay children living with us. It's quick, easy, inexpensive and if I do say so myself, really delicious. All you need is a few packs of roasted seaweed (I get them at my produce market) some sticky rice...or even regular rice that you cook with too much water so it goes sticky. Who would of thought there was a use for improperly cooked rice LOL! Just a few other ingredients and you're done. Quick and easy homemade sushi...who would have thought? See the full recipe below:

several packs                 roasted seaweed                           

2c                                    cooked sticky rice


1 tin                               tuna (drained)

1/4                                 red pepper (finely diced)

1                                     spring onion (finely sliced)

1tbp                               sesame oil and sesame seeds

1                                     clove of garlic (crushed)

1                                     small piece of ginger (crushed)

2tsp                               soy sauce

1tbp                               hot sauce (optional)

1                                    small handful of chopped cilantro

Set the seaweed and rice aside.

Mix all the other ingredients together in a bowl and stir. 

To serve just let everyone make their own sushi rolls. Simply pick up a sheet of seaweed, add a spoonful of rice, then some tuna and fold in half like a taco. That's it just keep eating them as you make them. It's really a fun social way to eat... my kids love these when they have friends over!


Saltspring Island

Saltspring Island