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HAIRPRINT- How to re-pigment your grey hair naturally!!!!!

HAIRPRINT- How to re-pigment your grey hair naturally!!!!!

Right from the get go let me tell you I have absolutely no affiliation with this company what so ever. I simply discovered them while looking for new hairstyles and colours on Pinterest. I initially thought it was a load of bupkis until I started doing a little more in depth research on my own. I’m not going to get into the technicalities of how this product works because I think the HAIRPRINT company does a far better job of it than I ever could so what I will share with you is my own experience using this phenomenal product.

Unfortunately I was so excited to try the product the second it arrived that I failed to take any before pictures…which is really too bad because you’d have seen that I’m mostly grey and white without a brown hair to be seen. I’m in the process of growing my hair from a VERY short almost shaved faux hawk style so I had a good 2 inches of growth at the time. I’ll be sure to take before photos when I use it on my regrowth. Here is the gorgeous shine and colour I got just after one use!!!!!

This is in regular lighting

This is in regular lighting

This is in natural sunlight

This is in natural sunlight

My expectation of a natural product being able to cover my extremely resistant grey hair was pretty low but I have to say I was completely floored at the amount of coverage I got with just my first time using it! Apparently the longer you use it the better coverage you’ll get so I’m pretty excited to see how much better it gets!!!!

This product does not have the ability to change the colour of your hair, it can only bring it back to it’s original natural colour. Now I’ve been colouring my hair since high school so I really wasn’t sure what my natural colour was lol. I knew it was brown but really didn’t know how dark it actually was naturally. I looked at their colour charts and compared them to both my daughters hair which I vaguely remember my hair colour being. I seemed to hover somewhere between the light brown and the brown so I decided I’d try the light brown first and would try the darker brown next time. I was petrified that my hair might go jet black…although this is not a Henna product I had a few nightmares with Henna in the past going black with green undertones or a hideous orangey red. So needless to say, I was nervous and thought being a little more conservative was the way to go. Thankfully though unlike Henna, HAIRPRINT does not negatively react with regular chemical hair products so I knew if I hated it I could easily have it corrected or even highlighted. Any of you that have ever used Henna will know it’s an absolute nightmare for hairdressers and you pretty much have to wait for it to grow out before you can do anything with it.

So here is the good and the bad on this product in my opinion:

Firstly lets start off with the good. It covers really well if you follow the instructions properly and use all the tips they give you that are especially important the first time you use it. I’ll share a few of those tips with you in a moment because you do have to do a bit of digging on both the internet and their website to find them all. HAIRPRINT is a protein treatment so it makes your hair silky smooth, shiny and far more resistant to frizz…thats a major bonus for me! It also has gorgeous natural tones and highlights that you simply can’t get with any chemical hair product unless you take the extra step of getting foils and even then it rarely looks natural. It’s also chemical free which is a major bonus especially for anyone with sensitivities or autoimmune disease. I saw one video where someone ate it…YUCK…but it was effective at proving a point lol.


So here is the bad…and there really is a few unfortunate realities to using this product. It is MESSY!!!!!!! I can’t stress that enough. Your bathroom will look like a crime scene of epic proportions. If you’ve used a Henna product you’ll think you know what I mean but this is even messier than Henna…WAY WAY messier! It will permanently stain any fabric it comes in contact with including your shower curtain. it will also stain your walls, tile grout, porous tiles or unsealed stone…apparently it will come off using Oxyclean but I didn’t want to take the chance so I wiped up every little drip the second I saw it and I had no problems, but the towels and the robe I was wearing are trashed. I did know this ahead of time so I made sure I was using things I didn’t mind getting ruined. The shower curtain on the other hand was a bit more of a tricky thing so I showered with it open and out of the tub which of course allowed the product to splash out to the shower area as I was rinsing. In future I’ll invest in a plastic shower curtain to use just when I’m using this product. If you have a glass show door you don’t have to worry about it.

Okay now that we are past the mess it does take several steps before it’s complete and each application of the product requires you to mix it immediately prior to applying it and it has to be put on your hair within six minutes of mixing it together. Then you leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then you get to do it all again one more time if you only have a bit of grey or if you’re like me with more than 30% grey you’ll have to apply it 3 or even 4 times the first time!!!! Each time you mix the product it has to be in a clean dry bowl so while it’s doing it’s thing on your head, you will be washing and cleaning up the bathroom getting ready for the next round lol.

It seems a tricky the first time, but I suspect the more I use it the easier and less messy it will be. I’m going to experiment with using a plastic applicator bottle next time rather than a bowl and brush… I’ll let you know how it goes.

You may be thinking why the heck am I going to all this trouble when I could just go to the hairdresser to have my hair done? Well, I have several reasons, the main one being my hair had gotten so grey that at one point I was going in every two weeks, then I stretched it to three weeks but was feeling unkept and hated walking around with such obviously grey roots. Also I’ve decided to grow my hair and getting it coloured so often would have made my hair feel like straw…it was fine when I was getting all my length cut off each month but long hair would not have been an option I don’t think, unless I was willing to walk around with damaged frizzy hair. Thankfully I have THE MOST AMAZING open minded hairdresser and she’s said if I couldn’t handle the mess at home she’d be happy to apply it for me in the salon which is an offer I may seriously consider going forward. I think having a proper hairdressing sink would make all the difference in the world. There are several salons in LA that offer this product to their clients so who knows perhaps at some point we will just have our favourite salons offering this amazing product!

Here are my tips:

Either completely stop using shampoo for a few weeks before applying this…instead wash your hair with a mix of water and baking soda. Do this only every few days when your hair becomes greasy. If you look on the net you’ll see tons of “No Poo” options. Or swap to one of HAIRPINTS shampoos and conditioners for a few weeks prior to colouring. I used the Chelating shampoo prior to colouring and then swapped to their Amla Butter Shampoo and Conditioner for use after. Apparently most products have something called Quats in them and they interfere with the product being able to do it’s thing. I suspect many of the less than glowing reviews you may find on the internet are because of this.

Use baking soda as they suggest for resistant greys with the first” prepare” step. I really think it makes a big difference and is likely why I was able to get such good coverage the first time.

For resistant and/or more than30% grey hair they do suggest you may need a second kit the first time. Now my hair is very short so I was able to divide my kit which allowed me to use the “restore” step four times as opposed to the two times that it’s normally good for. I was a little nervous that it would go too dark but it was just fine.

They say that if your hair has been previously chemically treated it is possible that your hair will really grip the product and the damaged hair can become very dark. My hair was so short that I wasn’t too worried about it so I just used the product on all my hair not just on the virgin hair at the root. It was slightly darker than the root but not much and it did fade to better match the root after a few washes. My root also seemed to darken a bit after a few days which I thought was interesting. If you have long hair and are worried about it going too dark they do have things you can do to avoid it, but it seemed too time consuming for me to bother. Apparently if your hair is already really dark it’s not an issue at all and the product actually helps your hair feel and look healthier. It certainly did with mine!

Hope that helps with some of your questions and I’ll be sure to post some update pictures and perhaps even a video of the application process. I’ve added a few links below of things I found helpful.



Hairprint application video

Before and after video

Other peoples roots because I was too stupid to take photos of mine lol

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